Inspirational Quotes, Talks, & Interviews

*¨* Inspiration and breath are siblings of the soul. If you want to be inspired, take a deep breath. *¨*

*¨* The Art of Divine Surrender: An Inspirational Talk by Shaeri. Part I *¨*

*¨* No matter what your day may bring, gracious acceptance of the moment will lead you to inner peace. *¨*

*¨* Revenge perpetuates problems, forgiveness resolves them. *¨*

*¨* The Art of Divine Surrender: An Inspirational Talk by Shaeri. Part II *¨*

*¨* Our thoughts affect our feelings. Choose your thoughts wisely. *¨*

*¨* The heart has wings! Let yourself soar. *¨*

*¨* When you manage to let go of the old, you open a space to bring in the new.
Just breathe and let it go. *¨*

*¨* If your thoughts are bringing you down, stop thinking. Silence is the doorway to the Divine. *¨*

*¨* Becoming the Child that Holds the Key to Heaven: An Inspirational Talk by Shaeri.*¨*

*¨* Thoughts create feelings.
When feeling bad about yourself, notice what you’re thinking and change the thought. *¨*

*¨* An authentic smile is like a blessing, it reaches out and touches the soul. *¨*

*¨* A guest appearance on “Psychic in the City” a radio show with Liz Souza *¨*

*¨* Every moment is rich with life. Let the fullness arise within and satisfaction will soon follow. *¨*

*¨* An open heart is a vehicle for the soul. Trust carries the key. *¨*

*¨* A guest appearance on “The D-spot” a blog talk radio show with Kelly Sullivan Walden *¨*

*¨* Divine unconditional love is available for us anytime, anyplace.
The love never leaves us, we just forget that it’s there. *¨*

*¨* Awakening to the Divine warms the soul, just as the rising sun warms the heart. *¨*

*¨* A guest appearance on “Energy Stew” a show with Peter Roth on the Progressive Radio Network *¨*

*¨* Divinity bathes the soul and the soul bathes the heart. Take a dip in your heart. *¨*

*¨* Unconditional love is a frequency of the heart, playing love and compassion all day long.
Tune it in and dance. *¨*